Technology - Modern Line Plast

Technology - Modern Line Plast


The production plant has equipped by modern technology of producing the injected pieces. This includes latest-technology machinery, produced by the renowned Arburg German company, world leader in the production of injection equipment. Capacity of production over 8000 plastic handles/ hour and 12000 caps/hour. 

Modern Line Plast gives major importance to the quality of its products, proven by continuous investments in the excelling technology.

In February 2016 was installed a new cap inspector system for the continuous controlling of the injected caps. Produced by the Italian Green Box company, this machinery with 6 ultra-speed video cameras inspecting on-line every single product for detection and elimination of not proper caps.


As request, the caps produced by our company will be inscriptioned in monocolor on the Tampo Print machine available, that has a capacity of 18000 inscriptions per hour.

Raw material

Manufacture handles and plastic caps for bottles, specially intended for soft drinks and water, as well as for the beer production.